My Favorite Posts of 2013

Yesterday I covered the top 10 posts on the blog based on page views. While I love seeing some on there, I was a bit disappointed that others did not make the cut. Therefore I thought today I would do what MY favorite posts from this year were.

My Favorite Posts of 2013 on

10 | Beauty On the Inside

This post essentially touched on the fact that beauty isn’t just on the outside, it’s on the inside as well. Wearing makeup and being a size two doesn’t give anyone the right to judge someone else who may wear a size 20 and hate makeup. I was raised under the philosophy of “Treat others, especially strangers, how you would like to be treated” and it just seems that today’s kids aren’t being raised under the same philosophy, or if they are they just don’t care to practice it.

9 | Happy Anniversary

2013 was mine and Travis’s seven year wedding anniversary. Anniversary’s are usually reserved for talking about how great marriages are in general and how wonder your spouse is specifically. This year I chose not to go that route, instead I chose to mention that our marriage isn’t all sunshine and kittens. However, I did this to show that while you may argue over small stuff it helps you to better appreciate the bigger stuff.

8 | Belle Inspired Outfit

For awhile I was doing Disney Princess Inspired Outfits and one of my favorite ones was Belle. I think I may strike this series back up and include other things besides Disney Princesses like literary figures, video game characters, and maybe actual fashion posts of Disney Princess Inspired Outfits instead of just collages.

7 | How Does Julep Work?

This was one of my favorite posts for this year because I when I did I hadn’t seen anyone else do a post covering how Julep worked. Trust me I looked for them before subscribing and after having several people email me asking how it worked I thought “Well I’ll just do my own”

6 | Lord Haversham Takes Command

I love doing book reviews, if you have a book you’d like for me to review on the blog feel free to send an email to cassie(at)southeastbymidwest(dot)com , and this one was one of my favorites. The book was great, the review flowed easily when I was writing it, and this is the first book that I reviewed or talked about that got a 5 star review.

5 | Highend Makeup Kit

My Drugstore Makeup kit made yesterday’s list so I thought it only fair that the highend make today’s list. HOWEVER, if that were the only case it would have been lower on the list. I really enjoyed coming up with these products and everything on the list is either something that I use or that is on my personal wishlist. Essentially, these are makeup items that I feel are worth the splurge.

4 | #FridayFancies Pretty in Plaid

This is one of my favorite #FridayFancies that I’ve done. Originally this outfit was going to be totally different, however, once I saw that dress I knew it was going to be included and everything else just flowed around it.

3 | Katniss Catching Fire Makeup Tutorial

This was one of my favorite posts to do as it was my first real makeup tutorial on YouTube. This didn’t make either one or two on the list for two reasons. First, because the tutorial didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted but it was my first so I’m not counting that against it that badly. Second, YouTube was a bear to work with on this one. They tried to file a copyright infringement on me at first for this video but since I don’t use any images, videos, or music from the movies I fought it. To be honest, I think they only targeted me because I’m a smaller YouTuber as I saw several larger YouTube users that blatantly used videos and images and their videos are still up!

2 | Birchbox November 2013 Reveal

I LOVED LOVED LOVED doing this post. The November Birchbox was the second box in a row that was a great box plus Ducky filmed the video with me so that made it doubly awesome.

and my favorite post of 2013 that I did is….

1 | Fall Nail Art Tutorial


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