How Does Julep Work?

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NOTE: ALL images are screen grabs from the Julep website and from the email I received.

To start out with, as I usually don’t mention it, Julep is a nail polish subscription service. For $19.99 a month you are sent a box of either polish, polish and product, from that month’s theme or line-up that fits to your style profile. However, unlike most of the other beauty subscription services Julep not only offers you the option to switch your profile around, but also to skip for the month, and to send your box to a friend if you don’t want it. While I knew the basics of what Julep was I did not know all of the other details about it or how to navigate those details when it came time. Therefore, I thought it would be a great idea if I walked you through a typical month as a Maven.

How Does Julep Work? A Series by Southeast by Midwest

Also, I have a little video explaining the process. If you don’t want to watch the video feel free to keep on scrolling to get to the text and picture explanations.


The Email:


Julep's July Email Selection Email

On the 20th of each month you will receive an email from Julep telling you that your Maven Selection Window is open along with what the months theme is. You will have until the 24th of that month to make your selection. You can change your mind as many times as you like but once the 24th hits you will be locked to whatever your last locked-in decision was. On the 27th your account will be charged, if you choose to take the box or send it to a friend, and your box will ship.

Julep's July Theme

Going back to the 20th, once you receive this email you can either click the link in the email or head straight to the site and login to start the process.


Logging In:


How to Change Your Julep Default Box for the Month

Once you navigate to the Maven Selection Window area you will see what is included in your default box for the month. Your default box is whatever box you chose the month before. If you want to see what is in the other boxes, change a box, skip a month, or send your box to a friend for the month you will need to click one of the two areas pointed out. You will now see what is included in each box, the featured add-ons for the month, and be able to preview swatches.


Modern Beauty Box:

Julep's July Modern Beauty Selections

The Modern Beauty box contains two full-size beauty products each month. For July that was a sea-salt spray (hair) and a beach tonic spray (body).


Boho Box:

Julep's July Boho Selections

The Boho box contains two polishes and a full-size beauty product. According to Julep the colors will be ones that “free-spirited and creative” people will like. For July this included Karen, a peach bellini frost polish, and Faye, a liquid bronze shimmer polish, along with the beach tonic spray.


Bombshell Box:

Julep's July Bombshell Selections

The Bombshell box contains two polishes and a full-size beauty product. According to Julep the colors will be ones that a “confident frill-seeker” people will like. July’s box included Joanna, a lilac frost polish, Blakely, a purple and green molten polish, and the beach tonic spray.


Classic with a Twist:

Julep's July Classic with a Twist Selections

The Classic with a Twist box also contains two polishes and a full-size beauty product. People with “iconic or timeless” taste will prefer the colors in this box according to Julep. A soft coral sheer polish called Cassie, a driftwood taupe creme polish called Alaina, and the beach tonic were what July’s box featured.


It Girl:

Julep's July It Girl Selections

Finally breaking the product trend, the It Girl box contains three polishes instead of the two-and-a-product combinations before. If you prefer bold colors or aren’t liking the product for that month this is usually the box to go with. July’s It Girl box contained a sun-kissed golden frost polish named Nadia, a deep sea blue molten polish named Angela, and last-but-not-least a sparkly ocean blue sea salt finish polish (their version of the Liquid Sand type polishes) named Tracy.


Featured Add-Ons:

Julep's July Featured Add-On Adele

This month there were two featured add-ons that were available, this can change, the first being Adele a golden sparkle top coat.

Julep July Featured Add-On Fireworks

The second featured add-on was Fireworks a multidimensional top coat featuring specks of glitter that are red, white, and blue. Appropriate for July if you ask me.


The Upgrade:


Julep Full Upgrade for July

The last box that you can choose for the month is the full-upgrade for an additional, usually an extra $35. Keep in mind that while July’s upgrade did include Adele as a bonus the featured add-ons are not always included.


Add-on Selections:


First Set of Add-Ons for July Julep

Now lets say that you choose to go with the It Girl box but you REALLY wanted Cassie, Fireworks, and Blakely. Obviously you can’t get more than one box without paying for another entire Julep subscription so what to do? Add-ons that is what you do. You get three additional add-on spots that you can use with your box.

Second Set of Add-ons for July Julep

As you can see in these pictures under the items it tells you how much extra it will cost to add-on these items. You can also see how many Jules it will take to get that item for free.

Third Set of Add-ons Available for July Julep

Jules, lets talk about those for a minute shall we? When you purchase your subscription you get 100 Jules, after you have received your first monthly box (not the starter box) you get 750 Jules, and you get 300 Jules for every month after that you choose to take. You can use these Jules to go towards the add-ons or even to save up enough to get your month for free, I think it’s 2,200 to get a free box. You also get Jules for referring people to the site.

Fourth Set of Add-Ons for July Julep

As you can see from these photos not only are you able to select the featured add-ons or colors from the other boxes but you can also choose to add-on one of the full-size products from that month. So if you really wanted to try that sea-salt spray but not the tonic and you wanted the It Girl box you could select it and add-on the sea-salt spray.

Fifth Set of Add-Ons for Julep July

Also up as an option are preselected sets, polishes not from that months box, and different products. This month different oils, remover pads, and polish remover were available as products but I’ve also seen their swatch stickers up in other months.

The Sixth Set of Add-ons for July's Julep

Lastly I should mention that just because there are three spots and all of these great add-on options for you to choose from that does not mean that you have to fill all three spots. Heck you don’t have to fill any of the spots if you don’t want to. They are there just so that if there are a few other colors that you would like to have besides what you have selected you can choose them without having to purchase the entire collection. Also, you can add in multiples of a color but it does take up that many spots. So say you really enjoy the look Blakely and while you chose that box you think you’d like to have a total of 3 bottles of that polish. You would just up the quantity of Blakely to 2 leaving you with only one open spot.


Hopefully this answered a few questions for you about Julep. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment down below asking and I’ll do my best to help you find them.

Southeast by Midwest's July Julep Selections

Tomorrow I’m sharing what all I chose in my July Julep box. I’ll leave you with a sneak peak as to what I got…



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    I am very interested in this. Do you get many uses out of the nail polish? The bottles seem kinda small so I was wondering if they last very long.

    • says

      They really do. I’ve done a two-coat-mani with several of the polishes and hardly any of it is used. They are smaller than a regular bottle of nail polish, however, since I wind up throwing most of my regular nail polishes away after several years due to separation of the polish and there’s usually around a half bottle if not more I actually find these smaller bottles to be less wasteful. On top of that Julep is “4-free” which means it’ free of four of the chemicals; formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP; which are usually found in nail polishes.

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