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Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and Lipglass went on sale yesterday at 12:00 pm est. on the MAC online store. They will go on sale in the stores and counters tomorrow, the 23rd, make sure to pick yours up as soon as possible because these will sell out QUICK!

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      From what I understand 100% of the sale price goes to HIV Awareness. So if you purchase two for $15 each, that $30 goes towards it. Also, any of their other Viva Glam’s also still go towards it :)

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    Love this color. We just bought all our make-up for competition dance season and our studio had a hard time choosing between two MAC reds. This one would’ve been perfect.

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    I love when I can buy products that go towards other causes. Not that I need an excuse because I would probably do it anyways but it just makes me feel better about my purchase. haha

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    VIVA Glam is SOOO popular! I am really surprised it is going on sale and that is a great deal. I am not much of a red lip kind of girl but I have noticed this shade looks amazing on anyone.

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    I wish I could rock red lipstick like this! I’m gonna have to check out the other colors in this line… if I’m gonna spend $15 on a lipstick, I’d love for it to be going to a great cause!

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