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10 Favorite Payless Items on southeastbymidwest.com

I’ve given you my top 10 items from my past Birchboxes and my top 10 e.l.f. products over the past two days and today I thought I’d bring you another top 10 list. Today’s list however is more fashion orientated and less beauty orientated. Today is my 10 favorite Payless items.

Annie II Oxford in Brown || $20.00 – I had a pair of shoes exactly like this when I was in high school. They look so great with jeans draped down over the top and that was the way that I typically wore them. It’s soooo hard to not go purchase a pair right now.

Sequin Beret in Taupe || $6.49 – I’ve fallen in love with beret’s recently, I think they can take an outfit from “Meh” to “Glam” with just one accessory. Another reason I love this beret is because it would perfectly match an item I have later on the list, keep reading to find out!

Aubrey Skate in Berry || $29.00 – First off this shoe has the same name as my niece, who is a cutie patootie by the way. Secondly, I use to live in skater shoes but back in the day when they were really only available in men designs so the fact that they are now made in more feminine designs has me excited!

Jetson Oxford in Burgundy || $29.99 – I am in love with Oxford’s right now, I have no idea but I just love the way that they look. That being said I don’t like the black or brown typical Oxford’s, instead I like the ones where you have to look closer at them to tell what color they actually are. I think this burgundy color accomplishes this.

Avery Bow Flat in Grey Glitter || $12.00 – I find flats to be one of the more comfortable shoes on the market. The problem with flats though is that they can take the glam factor on an outfit down depending on how they’re designed. I find that these flats do not do that at all. As a matter of fact I think they would have the opposite issue.

Boulder Moccasin in Grey || $24.99 – I have been in love with moccasin’s for YEARS so when they finally started to come into style back in 2013 I was so excited. I would love to get my hands on these babies.

Chelsea Flat in Merlot || $19.99 – Like I said previously, flats are one of my favorite types of shoes. While the others are pretty glam, I think these Chelsea flats are a better every-day alternative.

Highlight Stone Platform Pump in Nude || $24.99 – Payless offers these in the nude version and a black version that makes the colorful sequins pop more. I think this shoe really depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. I think this is one of the only shoes that I know of that I would actually purchase both color variations because they bring such different things to my closet.

Shae Strappy Heel Boot in Tan/Brown || $29.99 – Booties are great because they give you the look of a heel but without having to fight with the length of a book and your jeans. My problem with booties is that they always look so “blah” but these tan booties with the brown strap has some interesting qualities to keep it from being blah.

Sequin Open Weave Infinity Scarf in Mocha || $12.99 – I didn’t use to like scarves, however, a few months back I purchased one on discount and now I LOVE them. Ever since I saw this one on Payless’s site I’ve wanted it. It’s very feminine, glamorous, and it looks super cozy.

Which of these are more your style?


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  1. says

    I love PayLess, it’s where I go to get my kids shoes and mine. With that being said, I bought sneakers there about four years ago for $20 and they lasted all this time. Comparative to another brand, at a different store I bought sneakers for $50 and they barely lasted a year!

  2. says

    i love the Avery Blow Flat! I have purchased so many pairs of shoes at Payless lately. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the price and when they have their B1G1 sale it’s even better :) They also have great shoes for kids. I usually get my daughter’s sneakers there for school.

  3. says

    The flats look so comfortable. I used to shop in Payless often, but haven’t been in quite some time. I definitely need to get out (shopping!) more!!

  4. says

    I love what you picked out!! I just had to buy a few pairs of shoes for the trip I’m on right now and was really impressed with Payless’ selection! They definitely came through with some awesome options for a last minute procrastinator like myself :)

  5. says

    I love Payless – the have such great prices and really cute shoes. I love the Chelsea Flat in Merlot that you featured above and the scarf – LOVE infinity scarves!

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